FNS 12: Language Week with maps

Goals Read and pronounce words in Yukon Athapaskan languages, Tlingit, and Inuktitut. Deepen your understanding of traditional territories by examining indigenous place names. Learn the Southern Tutchone and Tlingit words for some useful plants in the southern Yukon. Appreciate the work currently being done to revitalize Yukon indigenous languages. Use a simple geographical information system. Homework JournalContinue reading “FNS 12: Language Week with maps”

7. Quantum Theory (4 lessons)

Concepts The Bohr model is only an approximation of real electron behaviour.  Actually, electrons do not “orbit” the nucleus but exist in probability clouds at different energy levels. Unpaired electrons in atomic orbitals produce ferromagnetic behaviour. Skills Quiz 7a Determine the electron configuration of an atom in its ground state. Relate ground-state electron configurations to theContinue reading “7. Quantum Theory (4 lessons)”

6. Organic Chemistry (10 lessons)

Concepts Because of its half-full valence shell and medium electronegativity, carbon can form an extraordinary number of covalent compounds. Organic (carbon-based) compounds form the chemical basis of all life on Earth. Organic compounds can be classified (and named) based on the length and arrangement of their carbon chains, and by the “functional groups” attached to theContinue reading “6. Organic Chemistry (10 lessons)”