Syllabus for Yukon First Nations Studies 12 (Autumn 2015)

Expectations Be on time for every class, with all necessary materials ready. Be polite and respectful to each other, to me, and especially to guests. Take notes, and keep your binder organized and up-to-date. Hand in projects on time.  Late projects will suffer a -20% grade penalty. Produce quality work. In particular, all written assignments must consist of full sentences organizedContinue reading “Syllabus for Yukon First Nations Studies 12 (Autumn 2015)”

fns12: Binder Table of Contents (Autumn 2015)

Syllabus Map: Yukon languages and communities Creation stories from Lenora Minet History of Indigenous North America – vocabulary Early human migrations – guided notes Mapping North America Classical Civilizations of Turtle Island – guided notes New York Times, Tracking the Ancestry of Corn Back 9,000 Years Pre-contact civilization research project – description + notes Elegy forContinue reading “fns12: Binder Table of Contents (Autumn 2015)”

Hip-Hop as an Indigenous Art-Form

Lesson 1: Introduction to Hip-Hop West African Djansa video “Down to the River to Pray” (African-American spiritual, Alison Krauss cover) video Louis Armstrong “Hello Dolly” video Robert Johnson “Crossroads” video Nas, Bridging the Gap video Nas, “Bridging the Gap” lyrics Notes on Akala TED talk Lesson 2: The Poetics of Hip-Hop ArtsEdge handout: The poetics of hip-hop Note-takingContinue reading “Hip-Hop as an Indigenous Art-Form”