fns12: Binder Table of Contents

Syllabus History of Indigenous North America – Vocabulary Early Human Migrations – Guided Notes Mapping North America Elegy for Tenochtitlan Colonization Notes Colonies in North America: Map Pre-contact poster gallery walk Criteria for a good paragraph Six ways to construct a topic sentence Unit 1 Test Preparation Ies8s Ahatonnia (the “Huron” Carol) Jesuits Notes TlingitContinue reading “fns12: Binder Table of Contents”

Yukon FN activism and the Umbrella Final Agreement (8 periods)

In the 1970s, Yukon First Nations leaders examined their peoples’ situation and decided to try to make things better. Through negotiations with the Canadian government and social development programs, they made many of the decisions and achieved many of the successes that have led to improved conditions for their descendents. Vocabulary words for this unit Orientation: midcenturyContinue reading “Yukon FN activism and the Umbrella Final Agreement (8 periods)”