Hip-Hop as an Indigenous Art-Form

Lesson 1: Introduction to Hip-Hop West African Djansa video “Down to the River to Pray” (African-American spiritual, Alison Krauss cover) video Louis Armstrong “Hello Dolly” video Robert Johnson “Crossroads” video Nas, Bridging the Gap video Nas, “Bridging the Gap” lyrics Notes on Akala TED talk Lesson 2: The Poetics of Hip-Hop ArtsEdge handout: The poetics of hip-hop Note-takingContinue reading “Hip-Hop as an Indigenous Art-Form”

fns12: Binder Table of Contents

Syllabus History of Indigenous North America – Vocabulary Early Human Migrations – Guided Notes Mapping North America Elegy for Tenochtitlan Colonization Notes Colonies in North America: Map Pre-contact poster gallery walk Criteria for a good paragraph Six ways to construct a topic sentence Unit 1 Test Preparation Ies8s Ahatonnia (the “Huron” Carol) Jesuits Notes TlingitContinue reading “fns12: Binder Table of Contents”