Yukon First Nations people and the Klondike Gold Rush (7 periods)

*** Note to Spring 2015 students: we will not be doing all of the activities in this unit.  Check the course calendar to fin dout which assignments you must complete. In this unit, you will study the effect of the Klondike Gold Rush on Yukon First Nations cultures. The main resource we will be using isContinue reading “Yukon First Nations people and the Klondike Gold Rush (7 periods)”

Yukon First Nations Studies 12 (Fall 2014)

Essential Questions What was human civilization like in North America prior to the arrival of Europeans? How did traditional Yukon First Nations cultures regulate human relationships with each other and with the environment? How did colonization affect indigenous people? How are stereotypes and racist ideas formed, and why are they important? What have Yukon First Nations people done toContinue reading “Yukon First Nations Studies 12 (Fall 2014)”