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FINAL EXAM: Friday, 24 January 2014, 13:00-15:00 in the gym


Your Unit 2 Test is on Monday, 16 September. Practice TestHow to answer a test question.

Your Unit 3 (Geography of North America) Test is on Friday, 27 September. Practice Test.

Your Reassessment Opportunity for Unit 2 (Thinking Like a Historian) is on Friday, 4 October.

Your Unit 4 (Early Atlantic History) Test is on Wednesday, 16 October. Review Questions.  Test Paper.

Your Unit 3 (Geography of North America) re-test opportunity is on Friday, 25 October. Practice Test.

Your Unit 5 (Political Modernization in France & Britain) test will be on Thursday, 28 November.  Study Guide.

Your optional re-test on EVERYTHING will be on Friday, 29 November.  Check out the study guides from the previous units above.

Your Unit 7+8 (Liberal Revolutions + Napoleon) test will be on Friday, 9 January. Study Guide.

Your Unit 9 (Industrial Revolution) test will be on Wednesday, 15 January.  Study Guide.

Assignments & Due Dates

Your Experience of Modernity: Monday, 9 September

Truth & Torture: Who Caused the Montreal Fire? (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Source Analysis): Friday, 13 September. Grading Scheme.

Travel Brochure: Regions of North America: Wednesday, 25 September.  Groups. Grading Scheme.

A Day in the Life (Early Contact Native Peoples): Friday, 4 October.

Early Atlantic World Mini-Presentation: Thursday, 10 October. How to make a good Powerpoint (and how not to).

Your gendered experience: Wednesday, 23 October.

New England primary source analysis: Friday, 25 October.

Demographics & Infographics: Thursday, 31 October.

Using Wikipedia to research Enlightenment Philosophers: Thursday, 14 November.

Syllogisms: Worksheet 1; Worksheet 2: Monday, 18 November.

England/France Political Modernities Newspaper Article

Political Modernities Essay Introduction: Wednesday, 27 November.

Rights & Revolution Essay

Readings, Slides & Handouts

Unit 2. Thinking Like a Historian

Why Study History?: Lecture SlidesGuided Notes.  Optional Additional Resources: Vancouver Race RiotResidential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission,

Unit 3. The Geography of North America

North American Regional Geography Overview: Lecture Slides , Guided Notes.

Unit 4. The Atlantic World in 1500

Unit 5. New France and New England

Museum of Civilization – New France: The Explorers

Early Colonization of New France: Lecture Slides, Guided NotesJesuit Relations excerpts, Ies8s Ahatonnia.  Further Reading: Jesuit Relations, Ies8s Ahatonnia performed by Bruce Cockburn.

Gender in New France: Lecture Slides, Guided Notes

Bias in a documentary film

Mercantalism Game

Unit 6. Political Modernization in France & England

Late Renaissance Music: Super Flumina Babylonis (Palestrina), Of all the birds, Fa Una Canzona (O. Vecchi)

Baroque Music: Prelude from Lute Suite 4 (J.S. Bach), Goldberg Variations (J.S. Bach), Water Music (G.F. Handel)

Baroque Art: Slides

Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment: Slides

Absolutism in France: Slides (We will use a shortened version in class).

Democracy: Slides

Unit 7. The Liberal Revolutions

Enlightenment philosophes handouts

Common Sense: Full text (optional)

Unit 8. Napoleon: Liberalism without Democracy

Napoleon’s Rise to Power: Crossroads 94-103, page 104 questions #1,2,3

Napoleon and the Modernization of France: Slides, Guided Notes

Unit 9. The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution: Slides, Guided Notes

Crash Course

Imperialism and Social Darwinism: Slides

Debate: Instructions/Pep Talk,

Mr. Wilkinson’s Historical Film Recommendations

(The appearance of a film on this list does not mean that I agree with its message or content, or even like it.  It might even be historically inaccurate.  But it is a well-made film about a topic from our course that will help you develop a better understanding of why people care about history).

The New World

Black Robe

Les Miserables