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FINAL EXAM: Friday, 24 January 2014, 13:00-15:00 in the gym
Capstone Project Suggestions


Your Unit 1 test is on Monday, 16 September.  Practice TestHow to Answer a Test Question.

Your Unit 2 (Geography of Canada) test is on Monday, 30 September. Practice Test.  To study, read your classmates’ blog posts and pages 16-32 of the textbook.

Your Reassessment Opportunity for Unit 1 (Thinking Like a Historian) is on Friday, 4 October.

Your Unit 3 (Fur Trade) test is on Tuesday, 16 October.  Test Preparation Worksheet.  How to write a “identify and state the significance” response.

Your Unit 2 (Geography of Canada) re-test opportunity is on Friday, 25 October. Practice Test.  To study, read your classmates’ blog posts and pages 16-32 of the textbook.

Your Unit 4 (Revolution and Reform) test is on Wednesday, 30 October.  Test Preparation Questions.

Your Unit 5 (Confederation and the Canadian Federal System) test is on Tuesday, 26 November.  Test Preparation Questions.

Your Unit 6 (Expansion and Resistance) test is on Monday, 16 December.  Test Preparation Questions.

Your Unit 7 (Post-Confederation Society) test is on Thursday, 16 January. Study Guide.

Assignments & Due Dates

Who Discovered Klondike Gold? (Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Source Analysis): Friday, 13 September. (Grading Scheme).

Physical Geography blog post: Tuesday, 24 September. Grading Scheme.
Completed Projects.

Simon Fraser journal analysis: Friday, 11 October.

Political Philosophy Essay: Thursday, 31 October. Robert Baldwin, William Lyon Mackenzie,  Francis Bond Head, Louis-Joseph Papineau, George-Etienne Cartier, Lord Durham, Mary Ann Shadd.   Easy guide to essay writing. Grading Scheme.

1837-1838 Primary Source Analysis: Friday, 25 October.

15 Fevrier 1839 – Film Reflection: Thursday, 31 October.

The Canadian Federal System: Thursday, 14 November.  Sample Presentations: Dambisa Moyo, Hans Rosling, David Christian

The Three Bears: 29 November

“Was Louis Riel a Hero or Traitor?” – Paragraph

Chilcotin / Tsilhqot’in Uprising: Evaluation of Historical Significance

Chinese Experience Paragraph: Friday, 20 December

Vancouver Race Riots response: Friday, 17 January

Readings, Slides & Handouts

Unit 0. Prologue

A whirlwind tour of North American history from the first humans to 1815

Unit 1. How Historians Think

Why Study History?: Lecture Slides, Guided Notes.  Optional Additional Resources: Vancouver Race Riot, Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission,

Unit 3. The Fur Trade

The Cordilleran Fur Trade: Slides

Simon Fraser: Encounters with the Other: Slides

Metis Ethnogenesis and the Red River Settlement: Guided Notes

Unit 4. Revolution and Reform

The Political Economy of Upper Canada: Slides, Guided Notes

Black Canadians: Horizons pages 59-62, Contemporary poetry by Wayde Compton. Mary Ann Shadd Case Study: A Plea for Emigration, Dictionary of Canadian Biography Article, Provincial Freeman letter, History of the Provincial Freeman

Rebellions (or revolutions?) of 1837-1838: Quick video on the American Revolution, Horizons 65-67, 70-74 Primary Sources

Durham Report: Slides, Guided Notes

Unit 5. Confederation and the Canadian Federal System

Confederation: Canada: A People’s HistoryThe Botheration Scheme

Platforms of Yukon Political Parties: NDP, Yukon Party, Liberal Party, Green Party

How Canadians Govern Themselves

Unit 6. Expansion and Resistance

Three Narratives of Canadian Expansion: Slides, Guided Notes

Northwest Rebellion: SlidesGuided Notes

The Far West: Horizons 206-219

The Colonization of British Columbia: Case Study: Eslh7an: Slides, Guided Notes

Emergence of Vancouver: Horizons 227-230Do question 3 OR 4b on p230.  Then answer the question: “which of the themes from our Colonization of British Columbia: Eslha7an lecture do you see reflected in the wider history of Vancouver told in your textbook?

Unit 7. Post-Confederation Society

Primary Sources on Chinese Canadian History

Emily Carr: Representing the Other. Slides, Guided Notes.

Residential Schools: Slides, More In-Depth Slideshow (not shown in class), Guided Notes

Writing by Pauline Johnson

The Laurier Years & Canadian-American Relations: Horizons 244-247, 250.  Questions: page 247 #1,3.  page 250 #1,4.

Vancouver Race Riots: Tyee ArticlePrimary and Secondary Sources 1, 2.