Math X

This is a course of independent study aimed at preparing very motivated students for a university program in pure mathematics. The basic component consists of the academic stream of high-school math, including AP Calculus AB.  The enrichment components are mainly based on Paul Zeitz’s The Art and Craft of Problem-Solving. Gilbert Strang’s Introduction to Linear Algebra provides a capstone in Grade 12.

Current Assignment

  • September 2017-November 2018: Study for the Canadian Junior Mathematics Challenge.
  • December 2018-January 2019: Study for the Fermat and Cayley contests.
  • February 2018-June 2018: Pre-calculus 12.

Tentative Five-Year Plan

  • Grade 8: Mathématiques 9 and Math 10, enriched with Problem-Of-The-Week, Pascal contest, and Zeitz ch. 1-2.
  • Grade 9: Precalculus 11, enriched with Combinatorics & Number Theory (Zeitz ch.6-7)
  • Grade 10: honours Algebra and Geometry (Zeitz ch. 5&8), and other enrichment topics of your choice (perhaps Stilwell’s The Four Pillars of Geometry)?
  • Grade 11: Pre-calculus 12 & AP Calculus 12 with Mme Daniels, enriched with Zeitz ch. 9 (note: this chapter is really hard!) or better: Michael Spivak’s Calculus.
  • Grade 12: Zeitz ch. 4; Linear Algebra (Strang, ch. 1-6) or another honours topic of your choice