Math 9 (Spring 2014)

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Study Guides

Unit 2 Mid-Unit Study Guide

Final Exam Practice (Knowledge Section): Questions, Answers

Final Exam Practice (Problem-Solving): Questions, Answers


Fractal Tree Growth Pattern: Project Description, Table, Sample Table, Examples of Student Work

Collecting and Representing Qualitative Data: Project Description, Student SurveysStudent Data Analyses

Barbie Bungee

2-Dimensional Qualitative Graphs

Linear Artwork with Desmos: Instructions, Examples of Student Work

Using velocity to make predictions


Snowflake Symmetry

Face Value (Line Symmetry)

Inductive Reasoning: Circle Geometry

Homework, Handouts & Lecture Slides

Unit 1: Number

Unit 2: Co-ordinate Systems, Linear Relations, and Data Analysis

Unit 3: Geometry

Unit 4: Polynomials