Dan Meyer

Shawn Cornally

Ron Lancaster

  • Lancaster was my math instructor at teacher’s college, and helped me learn a slower, deeper approach to teaching mathematics.  He also introduced me to the concept of a math trail – essentially, a mathematical treasure hunt.

Ramsey Musallam

  • TED Talk: Encouraging curiosity in chemistry class.

Vi Hart

Frank Noschese

Kate Nowak and Karim Ani

Patrick Honner

  • g=4, and other lies the test told me: Honner critiques math textbooks and tests for forcing students to make inaccurate assumptions in their mathematical modelling, thereby penalizing creative mathematical thinking.
  • Blog: Math teaching and inquiry with a focus on mathematical art, modelling, and problem-solving.

Sameer Shah

  • Blog: A constructivist approach to teaching high-school math, with an emphasis on pure mathematics.

James Tanton

  • Thinking Mathematics! Video lectures featuring a clear, concise, and mathematically insightful approach to the high-school curriculum.

Paul Lockhart

  • A Mathematician’s Lament: A passionate call for a radical transformation in math curricula.  For Lockhart, mathematics is the art of logical reasoning, and math classes should look and feel more like art classes.

Fawn Nguyen

Historical Thinking Project

Critical Thinking Consortium

  • Website: Lesson plans for teaching discrete research, analytical, and argumentative skills across the curriculum. Collections of primary documents for teaching Canadian history.

Problem-Based Math Curricula