Extra Help?

Need extra help?  The following resources are available to you:

Free In-Person Options:

  • I spend most lunch hours working in room C2 (next to the cafeteria, behind Gandhi’s head), and am happy to help you then.
  • AP Calculus students tutor math WHEN WHERE?
  • Skookim Jim Friendship Centre runs a free tutoring program after school Monday – Thursday.  Both native and non-native students are welcome. I highly recommend that you investigate this option early in the semester.
  • If you are are a member a Yukon First Nation, your ESW or CELC may be able to arrange tutoring for you.

Paid In-Person Options:

  • I know some tutors I can recommend.  I don’t want to post their contact information on the Internet, so come and talk to me.
  • Kumon
  • Please note: it is against the ethical standards of the teaching profession for teachers to accept money from their students for tutoring.  So, even if I had time to, I wouldn’t be able to be your tutor.  As noted above, though, I am often available for free extra help.

Free Internet Options:

  • khanacademy.org has videos on basic math and science skills, and lots and lots of math “worksheets.”
  • Crash Course Chemistry is a good way to review concepts that you already sort-of know.