Chem11/Unit4: Chemical Bonding and Nomenclature of Compounds

Ms. Marsella’s Summary

Unit Theme Song: “The Bonds of Chemistry”

TED-Ed: How atoms bond

Multiple Proportions Lab

Definite Composition Lab

Week 7 Homework

Review: Ionic Bonding Worksheet (has answer key)

Lewis Diagrams and Structural Formulae: NotesWorksheet

Electronegativities of Elements: NotesPeriodic Table

Spring Break Homework

Big Bonding Packet!!!

Optional: Naming Inorganic Compounds: Summary Handout, Nomenclature of Covalent Compounds: Notes & Worksheet, Nomenclature of Covalent and Ionic Compounds: Worksheet, Chemical Bonding: WorksheetPractice Test

***Don’t forget to study for the midterm!

Week 8 Homework

Nomenclature Self-Test

Molecular Bonding & Mass Problem 1, Solution