Chem11/Unit3: Atomic Theory from Dalton to Schrodinger

Unit Slides (unmodified; the version we will be using class has FAR fewer slides in it).

Ms. Marsella’s Unit Summary

History of the Atom by Jim Walker

Crash Course Videos: History of Atomic TheoryThe Nucleus, The Electron, Molecular Orbitals (Advanced & Optional), The Periodic Table,

Veritasium: Early Atomic Theory, Plum Pudding Model, Atom Song

Week 5 Homework

Crash Course: History of Atomic Theory, Guided Notes

History of Atomic Theory: Kloze Worksheet #1, Kloze Worksheet #2

Subatomic Particles and Atomic Mass Numbers: Neutral Particles Worksheet, Ions Worksheet (online version includes answer key)

Bohr Diagrams: Review WorksheetWorksheet

Conservation of Volume Problem, Problem-Solving Worksheet

Week 6 Homework

Quantum Model of the Atom: Slides, Guided Notes

Crash Course: The Electron

Stephen Hawking: Does God Play Dice? (Optional)

Electron Configuration Battleship

Orbital Diagrams: Worksheet 1 (has answer key), Worksheet 2 (has answer key), Worksheet 3

Do-It-Yourself Periodic Table