Chem11/Unit1: Measurement and Experimental Techniques

Ms. Marsella’s Notes for Unit 1

Veritasium: World’s Roundest Object, Scientific Notation

Week 1 Homework:

First Task, Introduction and Motivation: Slides, Getting to Know YouChewing Gum Challenge

Precision, Accuracy, and Significant Figures/Digits: Slides, Handout,
Worksheet 1, Answer Key,
Worksheet 2, Answer Key
Additional Practice

Review of Chemistry from Grades 9 & 10

Week 2 Homework:

Lab Safety: Dos and Don’ts WorksheetCounterexamples Worksheet;  MSDS: WorksheetExample; Effect of Hydrochloric Acid on a Sheep/Cow Eye: Demonstration Notes
Crash Course Video

Scientific Notation: Worksheet, Partial Answer Key.

SI Units: Definitions (Optional), Prefix Guide, Worksheet (Online version has answer key).  Note: the liter is not technically an SI unit. That’s OK.  We’ll still use liters.

Graphing Scientific Data: Notes

Dimensional Analysis: WorksheetsPartial Answer Key
Extra Practice Worksheet
Crash Course Video (Optional)
Squared and Cubed Units: Worksheet
Yet Another Worksheet (Optional, this one with lots of scientific notation)
And Another Worksheet (Optional)

Graphing Practice: Worksheet

AP Math Skills: Pre-test, Answer Key

Ocean Currents and the Density Curve of Water: Warm-up, Lab