Chemistry 11 (Spring 2014)

Course Information

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Course File Folder
Periodic Table of the Elements
Review of Chemistry from grades 9&10
Interactive Review Activities
Early History of Chemistry (Crash Course)
Teacher Sites: Ms. Diehl, Mr. Guch, Jeff Christopherson

Study Guides

Midterm 1 Study Guide (Units 1-3), Answer Key,
Practice Midterm, Practice Midterm Solutions

Stoichiometry Practice Test, and Answer Key

Midterm 2 Study Guide (Units 1-6), Answer Key

Solution Chemistry Practice Test, Answer Key

Sample Final Exam.  Do not assume that our exam will be similar to this one.  (For example, our exam will include a practical component).  But it will definitely be a good sign if you can do these problems.


Homework, Handouts & Lecture Slides

Unit 1: Measurement and Experimental Techniques
Unit 2: Physical Properties of Matter
Unit 3: Atomic Theory from Dalton to Schrödinger
Unit 4: Chemical Bonding & Nomenclature of Compounds
Unit 5: Chemical Reactions
Unit 6: The Mole Concept & Stoichiometry
Unit 7: Solution Chemistry
Unit 8: Organic Chemistry

Projects & Labs

Chewing Gum Challenge
Measurement Mini-Lab
Graphing, Slope, and Density
Graphing Practice
Ice Cream Lab!
Heating Curve Lab
(Optional) Specific Heat Capacity Lab
Separation Techniques Treasure Hunt
Chromatography Lab
Atomic Spectra Lab
Do-It Yourself Periodic Table
Improving Elephant Toothpaste
Effect of Hydrochloric Acid on the Mammalian Eye
Bag of Change
Types of Chemical Reactions
Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions
Definition of a Mole (Basmati Rice Lab)
Moles! (Treasure Hunt Lab)
Ridiculously Informal Stoichiometry Lab
Mole Ratios (Copper & Silver)
Formal Lab #1: Predicted Mass of NaCl
S’mores: Part 1, Part 2
Volume of Mixtures
Preparation of Solutions
Limiting Reactant in a Precipitation Reaction
Preparation of Esters


Error Analysis Form for Quizzes
31-jan: Precision, Accuracy, and Experimental Design: QuizAnswer Key
7-feb: Scientific Notation, Unit Conversions, and Graphing: Quiz, Answer Key
14-feb: Kinetic Molecular Theory: Quiz, Answer Key
21-feb: Separating Physical Mixtures: Quiz, Answer Key
28-feb: History of Atomic Theory (especially Bohr model): Quiz
7-mar: Quantum Mechanical Model of the Atom: Quiz
4-apr: Valency, Lewis Structures, and Nomenclature:
11-apr: Reaction Types & Reaction Equations: Quiz
17-apr: Moles & Basic Stoichiometry:
25-apr: Stoichiometry 1
2-may: Stoichiometry 2
9-may: Solution Chemistry 1
16-may: Solution Chemistry 2
23-may: Organic Chemistry 1
30-may: Organic Chemistry 2


Problem-Solving Workflow for Chemistry

Problems. (Document previews may be missing some numbers and formulae, but the printed versions should look correct.  Please let me know if these don’t work on your computer).