Who Discovered Klondike Gold? by Jessica

Based on my reading of the primary, secondary and tertiary sources about the Klondike gold rush,I believe that Skookum Jim deserves the credit for being the original discoverer of the Klondike gold.The three most important pieces of evidence that support my thesis are Billy Johnson’s interview, Kitty Smith’s interview, and Charlene Porsild’s Text. Billy Johnson’s interviewContinue reading “Who Discovered Klondike Gold? by Jessica”

Pacific Cordillera – Lilyanne and Devon

The Pacific Cordillera My Region that I choose was The Pacific Cordillera, also known as the western Cordillera. This region extends from the Coast Mountains in Alaska, south through majority of the Yukon and British Columbia, bordered by the Rocky Mountains and beyond the Canada-US border. The Pacific Cordillera consists of mostly mountains whereas theContinue reading “Pacific Cordillera – Lilyanne and Devon”

The appalachian mountain and how it was formed by Madie.

Madie  The Appalachian region was formed close to 480 million years ago. The Northern Appalachian region ranges from Hudson River to Newfoundland and Labrador; it is scattered elevations mostly around Quebec The Central Appalachians range from Hudson Valley to New River and is mostly flat due to the fact that is runs through New YorkContinue reading “The appalachian mountain and how it was formed by Madie.”