Arctic Region – by Josh and Sterling

How The Arctic Region was formed The Arctic region consist of the Arctic Ocean and also consists of a ice-covered ocean surrounded by treeless permafrost. The arctic region is located around the Earth’s North Pole, opposite of Antarctic region around the south pole. Where is it The Arctic is located between 66.5’N and the NorthContinue reading “Arctic Region – by Josh and Sterling”

The Canadian Shield by Taylor

So the canadian shield literally a wall of rocks. The end. The Canadian Shield, or Laurentian Plateau, covers around half of Canada, a lot of Greenland and part of the United States. This covers about 4.4 million square kilometres. It is the oldest part of the North American crustal plate. The Canadian shield is composedContinue reading “The Canadian Shield by Taylor”

Appalachian Region by Taneshia and Josh

The Appalachian Region is an extension of the Appalachian mountains. It begins in the southeastern United States and ends in the Maritime provinces of Canada.   The geological processes that helped form this region are plate tectonics and erosion.  The process began when two plates collide and the planet’s crust goes up and forms mountains.Continue reading “Appalachian Region by Taneshia and Josh”