History of Indigenous North America – the Quick Version

We start with the basics of North American geography. We discuss of human origins in the Americas – from both scientific and traditional points of view.  We examine how, in different regions of North America, human societies developed in different ways. You make a poster exploring one aspect of pre-contact indigenous history. The test will coverContinue reading “History of Indigenous North America – the Quick Version”

First Nations people in film (in progress)

Lesson Schedule 1: The Importance of Representation 2-4: Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner Extended Lesson Schedule (not for spring 2015): Concept and Importance of Representation.  Reel Injun chapter 1 (“Native Representation”). Postcolonial Theory (“Derision and Desire”). Reel Injun chapter 2 (“Native Americans from Hollywood to Wounded Knee”; “Birth of the Hollywood Indian”). Assignment: Comparison of Pocahontas, The New World, and Avatar). Stereotypes. ReelContinue reading “First Nations people in film (in progress)”

Yukon FN activism and the Umbrella Final Agreement (8 periods)

In the 1970s, Yukon First Nations leaders examined their peoples’ situation and decided to try to make things better. Through negotiations with the Canadian government and social development programs, they made many of the decisions and achieved many of the successes that have led to improved conditions for their descendents. Vocabulary words for this unit Orientation: midcenturyContinue reading “Yukon FN activism and the Umbrella Final Agreement (8 periods)”

Yukon First Nations people and the Klondike Gold Rush (7 periods)

*** Note to Spring 2015 students: we will not be doing all of the activities in this unit.  Check the course calendar to fin dout which assignments you must complete. In this unit, you will study the effect of the Klondike Gold Rush on Yukon First Nations cultures. The main resource we will be using isContinue reading “Yukon First Nations people and the Klondike Gold Rush (7 periods)”