FNS 12 Week 6

Goals Examine ways in which native people and European people viewed each other during the first century of contact Understand alterity as a relevant concept for colonial history Homework Black Robe viewing notes Resources Film: Black Robe.  This film has been criticized by indigenous scholars, especially Ward Churchill, for portraying native societies as violent, sexually depraved,Continue reading “FNS 12 Week 6”

FNS 12: Week 5

Goals Discuss early contact between indigenous and European societies. Learn the physical and political geography of North America, and the political geography of Europe, in the early 1500s. Homework & Projects Christopher Columbus paragraph Tenochtitlan primary source analysis: Instructions & Primary Sources Resources Thomas King, A Coyote Columbus Story Excerpt from Columbus’ Journal The Classic “1492” song:Continue reading “FNS 12: Week 5”