Syllabus for Français 8 Avancé – Automne 2015


  • Be on time for every class, with all necessary materials ready (notebook, pencil, and scientific calculator).
  • Speak only French in class, unless you are sitting in La Chaise Anglaise or have special permission.
  • Be polite and respectful to each other, to me, and especially to guests.
  • Take notes, and keep your binder organized and up-to-date.
  • Hand in assignments on time. Late assignments will suffer a -20% grade penalty.
  • Produce quality work.
  • Study for tests. Students who have unexcused absences on test days will suffer a -20% grade penalty on that test.

Course Schedule

Module 1: À Votre Santé!

  • Tout ados level 1 (grade 8)
  • Good decision making about nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle
  • Devoir and vouloir, futur proche, adjectifs beau et nouveau

Module 2: Les vagabondes de l’espace!

  • Tout ados level 2 (grade 9)
  • A fun unit about adventures in space
  • passé composé of faire and -er verbs conjugated with avoir
  • Le Petit Prince

Module 3:  Le tour du monde francophone

  • Tout ados level 2 (grade 9)
  • French-speaking countries around the world
  • Pronouns and articles

Module 4: Fêtes et Mardi Gras

  • Tout ados level 2 (grade 9)
  • Cultural festivals in francophone parts of the world
  • passé composé of -er-ir, and -re verbs conjugated with avoir


  • 35% Projects
  • 20% Homework & Academic Responsibility
  • 25% Tests
  • 20% Midterm & Final Exam

You can see the schedule of due dates on the calendar at You can add this calendar to your electronic device by copying and pasting the following iCal link: (This syllabus document is available on the course website; it is easier to click on the link there than to try to copy it out).