Syllabus for Mathématiques 8 (Autumn 2015)


  • Be on time for every class, with all necessary materials ready (notebook, pencil, and scientific calculator).
  • Speak only French in class.
  • Be polite and respectful to each other, to me, and especially to guests.
  • Take notes, and keep your binder organized and up-to-date.
  • Hand in assignments on time.  Late assignments will suffer a -20% grade penalty.
  • Produce quality work. (Explain your work, write legibly, include organized calculations, include units).
  • Study for tests. Students who have unexcused absences on test days will suffer a -20% grade penalty on that test.

Course Schedule

We will be using the textbook Liens Mathématiques 8, published by Chenelière

Module 1: Nombre et Probabilité

  • §1: La représentation des données
  • §2: Les rapports, les taux, et le raisonnement proportionnel
  • §4: Les pourcentages
  • §8: Les nombres entiers
  • §6: Les opérations sur les fractions
  • §11: La probabilité

Module 2: Algèbre et Forme

  • §3: Le théorème de Pythagore
  • §5: L’aire de la surface
  • §7: Le volume
  • §9: Les relations linéaires

Thinking Skills

  • Problem-solving using a diagram.
  • Mathematical modelling.
  • Measurement and quantitative reasoning.

Assessment & Evaluation

All marks (including homework records) will be made available 24/7 to students and parents at You can see the schedule of due dates on the calendar at  You can add this calendar to your electronic device by copying and pasting the following iCal link: (This syllabus document is available on the course website; it is easier to click on the link there than to try to copy it out).

  • Academic Responsibility: 20%
    • timely homework completion, attendance, and organization
  • Quizzes: 10%
  • Unit Tests: 30%
  • Midterm & Final Exam: 30%
  • Projects: 10%
    • bonus marks available for participation in Warrior Mathletics

Warrior Mathletics

Our school hosts a proud and successful mathletics club. Students can get involved by completing challenging Problems of the Week (there are prizes!) and competing in national math contests (there are bigger prizes!).  My students receive bonus points for participating.  See for more information