Syllabus for Yukon First Nations Studies 12 (Spring 2015)


  • Be on time for every class, with all necessary materials ready.
  • Be polite and respectful to each other, to me, and especially to guests.
  • Take notes, and keep your binder organized and up-to-date.
  • Hand in projects on time.  Late projects will suffer a -20% grade penalty.
  • Produce quality work. In particular, all written assignments must consist of full sentences organized into paragraphs.
  • Study for tests. Students who have unexcused absences on test days will suffer a -20% grade penalty on that test.

Course Schedule

After a brief grounding in the wider history of North American indigenous people, this course consists of a series of case studies and thematic units.  Some of the units we will be doing in this course follow a standard classroom schedule.  Others will be completed over a long time span, or must be done when the seasons permit.  Therefore, the timeline below is subject to change.

  • Indigenous History of the Americas (The Quick Version)  – 2 weeks
    • Scientific and traditional accounts of the peopling of Yukon and the Americas.  Traditional social structure and land management.
    • Early contact between native and non-native people in the Americas.
    • Trade and missionary relationships.
  • The Klondike Gold Rush – 2 weeks
    • Challenges, opportunities, and long-term effects of the Klondike gold rush for First Nations people.
  • Residential Schools – 2 weeks
    • History of Yukon residential schools.
    • Cultural loss & return: printmaking project.
  • First Nations People in Film – 2 weeks
    •  Stereotypical and genuine representations.
    • First Nations filmmaking.
  •  First Nations Activism and The Umbrella Final Agreement – 2 weeks
    • People and ideas in the struggle to build a more stable and equal society in the Yukon.
    • Together Today for Our Children Tomorrow.
    • Land rights, aboriginal law, and the Umbrella Final Agreement
    • Project: First Nations governments of the Yukon
  • Social Problems and Solutions – 4 weeks
    • The effect of poverty and social dislocation on Yukon native communities.
    • Efforts by First Nations people to rebuild their societies.
    • First Nations literature about social issues.
  • Indigenous Hip-Hop – 2 weeks
    • Poetics of hip-hop.
    • Hip-hop as a form of indigenous expression.
    • Rap video project.
  • Leadership: The Porcupine Caribou Management Board – 1 week
    • Political and environmental stewardship of a cross-boundary traditional resource.
    • Mining exploration and politics in the Peel Watershed.

 Thinking Skills

  • Critically analyzing historical and political ideas.
  • Identifying and critiquing different viewpoints.
  • Crafting, defending, and deconstructing oral arguments.
  • Managing conflict while discussing sensitive topics.
  • Artistic & creative skills.

Assessment & Evaluation

All marks (including homework records) will be made available 24/7 to students and parents at You can see the schedule of due dates on the calendar at  You can add this calendar to your device by copying and pasting the following iCal link:

  • Final Exam: 20%
  • Unit Tests: 20%
  • Projects: 40%
  • Participation: 20%