Rights and Revolutions Essay – by Noella

I believe that everyone should be treated equally, and that everyone matters and has an opinion that has its own value. My ideas have similarities with those of the Haitian revolution because I believe that everyone should be equal. I have both similarities and differences with the French revolution, because the French revolution was not good for everyone. I have more differences than similarities with the views of the American revolution.

The ideas of the Haitian revolution shares similarities with my political views, because I believe that everyone should have equal rights. Being a French colony, Haiti might have been expected to abide by the revolutionary ideals of liberty and equality; however, the declaration of rights of man was segregated so that it did not apply to slaves or women. In Haiti the minority of people were in rule instead of having someone of the majority rule, just like in South Africa under apartheid. When Toussaint Louverture began fighting for the Haitian slaves against France he started a revolution. Slavery was abolished for the second time in 1794; Napoleon reinstated slavery again in 1802.

The French revolution was one of the most extreme revolutions to ever take place in Europe. Unlike the Haitian revolution, the French revolution was an idea that caused people to disagree with segregation of socioeconomic status, not race. One of the actions that ignited the revolution was when the middle and lower class women walked to Versailles and forced the royals to come back to Paris, something the nobles had been trying to do since Versailles was first built. Two of the most radical political groups in France after the revolution were the Jacobins and the Girondistes. The Jacobins represented and was made up of the lower class. The Girondistes were the less radical group, and were made up of the richer third estate or middle class. The Girondistes and the Jacobins fought against the Monarchy to lessen the power of the socioeconomic status in France. My views match those of the Girondistes more than the ones of the Jacobins, because I believe in non violence instead of radicalism to justify your opinion.

The views of the American revolution share more differences than similarities with my political views. The American revolution was about the English-American colonies wanting to have a democracy instead of  a constitutional monarchy. The American Revolution began when England started taking more and more of the colonies rights away. The colonies started to disagree with the economic system set by England. The system of economy that England used to trade with the colonies was called mercantilism; this allowed England to trade with the colonies without them trading between each other. The colonies wanted a Constitutional monarchy to have more say in what laws the monarchy passed. I think that the colonies should have the ability to trade between each other; therefore I agree with the colonies views, however I do not believe in how these rights of trade were achieved.

My political opinion shares more similarities than differences with those of the three historical revolutions. Although I do not agree with the actions taken to achieve the rights that the people deserved I do believe that the goal was achieved.