Rights and Revolutions Essay – by Alysha

My ideas are similar to some of the people’s in the French revolution (such as Pauline Leon) because I believe that women should be equal to men and that they should have the same rights and political power. I also agree with the Haitian revolution about equality in race. People shouldn’t be judged or separated just because of their skin color or their culture. The Government isn’t the greatest thing, but without it society would most likely collapse. We need the laws to follow, that is why we need a higher power.

My ideas are similar to the french revolution because I believe that both women and men should be treated equally with the same rights. Pre-French revolution, women had no rights, no political power, and they weren’t considered citizens. They were pretty much just slaves to men. Even during the revolution, they were denied rights or citizenship. Olympe de Gouges had a big part to play in these protests. She was a playwright that was connected to the Girondists. She wrote documents supporting the ideas of women’s rights. The women that protested and acted out were punished for their actions, some were guillotined, some were arrested and put in an insane asylum. Olympe de Gouges was guillotined during the Reign Of Terror for her protests. Most people in the French revolution were against the idea of equality, including both the Jacobins and the Girondists. It was only less than a hundred years ago that women finally got rights, and in some countries, women still don’t have rights!

I believe that people should not be separated or judged because of their skin color or culture. I think it was wrong that black people were used as slaves just because they weren’t white. My ideas are similar to the Haitian Revolution because they had a revolution to end slavery. Before the revolution, French slave owners would take slaves from Haiti and use them to work and harvest sugar for their own profit. I would start a revolution too if I were them. They were paid nothing, they were given terrible living conditions,little food, the slave owners weren’t very nice, and none of them actually like the jobs they’re given. Like Toussaint L’Ouverture, I dont not believe people should be treated badly because of their race.

I believe that we need a stable government to have a good society, which makes my ideas more similar to the American revolution than the French revolution and the Haitian revolution. The American Revolution, the 13 colonies wanted a whole new government because the British government was unfair and kept raising taxes. In the French and Haitian revolution they wanted to put an end to political church power, and put an end to powerful monarchies. We need government because they give us a set of laws to follow, and without those laws, it would be utter chaos. There would be robberies and murders, and society would collapse.

The three revolutions all had an important impact on our society today. My idea of a good society is to have equal rights for both genders, no matter what their skin color or culture.