Appalachians resources by Pat

   The Appalachians have a wide variety of resources. The most abundant is coal. And one of the biggest export. Of that region and the second most is fish and iron. Coal is used in steel and a key ingredient in concrete. And also fertilizer.some more resources are lead,Zinc and gold

   There is good arable land in the Appalachians. Some reasons are that the soil is good and is perfect for farming. The reason for the good land is the phosphorus in the ground that was pushed up from the earths crust.  

      two of the most exported resources are coal and iron steel is a combination of . So almost all building are made of steel skeletons and make most building structural sound. And most of old car and trucks are made of steel. and bridges are made of lots of steel. Lead is a steel like  material and is used to hold thing together like stone witch is weaker than metal.

      some of the reasons you find coal in the Appalachians is that coal is almost every where  coal is the only thing to burn hot enough to make steel. which is a combination of iron and coal.

      Lead is more used to patch other metal that has buckled or bent