Political Philosophy Essay by Luka

Just like William Lyon Mackenzie and Mary Ann Shadd, I believe that responsible leaders that are elected by the people of our country should govern Canada. I think that everybody should be treated equally; if they are part of a minority they should not be oppressed or be at a disadvantage, and should be given equal opportunities whenever possible. People who are part of cultural or linguistic minorities should be accommodated if it is feasible. Men and women should also be treated as equals. Neither women nor men should get more rights or more opportunities. Both should be able to do what they want in life without being either oppressed or more privileged than the other group.

I think that democracy is the best way to govern our country. The leaders of our country should be elected by the people, and if the population is unhappy with the government they should be able to re-elect new leaders. This sort of thinking is exactly what William Lyon Mackenzie believed in. Mackenzie was against the Family Compact; he did not want a select group of people running the country with no way of replacing it, Mackenzie wanted democracy.  Mackenzie even started a rebellion against the Family Compact, he planned to seize weapons, take the governor prisoner, and set up a new government. Although this rebellion did not work, it gives a clear indication of Mackenzie`s political view. Mary Ann Shadd was also an advocate for democracy. She believed that everybody, (including women, slaves, and cultural minorities) should be treated equally and should be able to vote for their government.

Mary Ann Shadd, William Lyon Mackenzie and I all believed in equality among all humans. I think that if you are part of a minority, you should not be at a disadvantage. Minorities should be accommodated if possible, but it is also their responsibility to be able to function in the society they live in. I believe that people from different races, religions, or linguistic backgrounds should have equal opportunities; neither side should have advantages or disadvantages.  Mary Ann Shadd was also a strong advocate for the equality of minorities. She herself was part of a racial minority because she was black, and she was an abolitionist. She helped black people get to Canada and she founded a school. These events demonstrate that Mary Ann Shadd was against any groups having more power over others. William Lyon Mackenzie also thought along the same lines. He did not want did not want a select group of people having more power. He fought for freedom and democracy, which are both necessary for equality between races, religions, and sexes.

I think that not only should minorities be treated fairly, but men and women should be treated as equals. I believe that neither party should have more power over the other group. Men and women should get equal pay for equal labor. I think that men and women should get equal opportunities and should not have any restrictions. Mary Ann Shadd believed in this idea. Shadd was not allowed to receive her law degree because she was a black woman. This event, along with her political beliefs (equality between races, freedom for all) made it so that she thought were similar to the ones that I stated. William Lyon Mackenzie also fought for freedom. I am not sure what he thought of equality among sexes, but his beliefs and opinions seem to demonstrate that he wanted everybody to be equal.

As previously mentioned, Mary Ann Shadd, William Lyon Mackenzie and I all have about the same political beliefs. The three of us believe in a responsible democratic government. We are also strong advocates for equality. Equality between sexes and minorities is commonly agreed on. Even two hundred years apart, there are still people believing in the same things and fighting for what they think is right.