Appalachian Region by Taneshia and Josh

The Appalachian Region is an extension of the Appalachian mountains. It begins in the southeastern United States and ends in the Maritime provinces of Canada.


The geological processes that helped form this region are plate tectonics and erosion.  The process began when two plates collide and the planet’s crust goes up and forms mountains. In time the mountains gets worn down by erosion: wind, glaciers, and rain, and thats what Appalachian mountains are.


There are three main types of rock that helped form this Region. The first type is sedimentary rock; it forms near Earth’s surface by the accumulation and lithification of sediment or by precipitation from solution at normal surface temperatures.The second type is igneous rock, they form from the solidification of magma, which is hot molten rock material that come from volcanos.  The third type is metamorphic rock; it is derived from igneous or sedimentary rocks that have altered their form as a result of changes in their physical environment.  The rock layers covered the vegetation. Over time the layers became big deposits of coal.


       Sedimentary rock            Igneous rock           Metamorphic rock


Two main geographical features in the Appalachian Region are highlands and fjord, which is a long narrow arm of sea. Highlands are mountainous region or elevated parts of the Appalachian Region, they collide on the continental plates of Northern Africa. Fjord is formed when a glaciers leave, after carving its U shaped valley,and the sea fills the resulting valley floor.

     Highlands                                      Fjord



The Appalachians is a important  part of this world; it has many resources that are highly needed such as coal, fish, arable land, iron and zinc.

There are many uses for the resources in the Appalachians

Coal is used for heat, liquid fuel, and energy. Iron is used  making steel, cars, and pipes. People catch fish for food or selling for money. Arable land is used for growing crops and plants and farming. Zinc is used for keeping metal from rusting, human health, and making brass from combining copper and zinc. The way people and industry’s get most of those resources is by mining, fishing and farming.

Fishing is a important source of income in the Appalachians.

There is lots of company’s in the Appalachians that fish with giant nets that bring in 1000s of pounds of fish. The company’s make a total income of 940 million dollars per year Tourist go to Appalachians to do recreational fishing witch brings in a total income of 3.4 billion dollars per year.

The coal industry’s in the Appalachians has the biggest coal mines in the world and most of them are in the U.S. the coal industry’s remove the top of the mountain to extract the coal. People how live in the Appalachians say the coal mining is destroying the Appalachians. Coal mining in the early 1800’s was very busy the coal industry’s were more coal then ever for the American industrial revolution, Which changed the Appalachians land for ever.

Farming in the Appalachians has been a main source of food for 100’s of years.

Farming in the Appalachians is mostly family farms growing food for there self and there is not to many farming industry’s. In the Appalachians people make lots of moon shine and whisky on there farm. The farms in the Appalachians are mostly on hills and are not flat like most farms. The farms on the Appalachians have lots of sheep to make wool.‎